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Summary: An alternative reality series with (re-)appearances of guest-stars and non-cannon characters. And yes, there's a woman, too. An attempt to make Adam happy.
Categories: AU, Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance Characters: Adam Cartwright
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Summary: The Dreaming Eagle Trilogy

It has long been a dream of mine to one day write a story featuring Adam Cartwright of Bonanza - a hero of mine from childhood days on - and provide myself with a satisfying reason for his sudden disappearance and absence from the show. In 2009, I finally sat down to get started on it, and during some internet research I stumbled upon Bonanza fandom and Bonanza fora, back then Bonanza World.

Some things that played into the story were the 'infantilization' of the 'boys' in the show, and one Mr. Roberts' very own gripes about what he thought was an infertile role, the role of an over-aged, overgrown boy tagging along with an uber-Pa, being just a quarter of a character, not having any artistic honesty and depth of his own (his words, not mine). As he once said,

"Well, first of all I objected to the complete lack of truth and reality in the parent-child relationship between these three grown sons and their father. The conversations I have with my own father are man-to-man. Once a child achieves adolescence, it's no longer the old parent-child-bit. It becomes a matter of two men with a real feeling for each other, a great mutual respect, but two men."

The idea was to infuse Adam with some of this mindset and see how it worked out with the powerful and authoritative father-figure depicted in the show and to somehow manage to get from one Adam to the other. To add some incitement for further trouble, I had Adam fall in love with a woman his father strongly disapproved off. The goal was to turn Adam into a figure that had a little more 'truth and reality' to it, a little more of the independence and depth his actor might have wished for him. Along these lines, the Dreaming Eagle saga was spun.

The Dreaming Eagle was meant as a tribute - to a fictional character that was dear to me from childhood on, and to an actor who could have made so much more of the character had he only been given the chance.

Book 1 - As It Began
Adam falls in love with a rather unusual young lady and has a lot of trouble come his way. While facing his fatherís strong disapproval, he will have to confront his own deepest feelings and find out what he really wants in his life. Matters are complicated by an unknown foe who wants to destroy him, just as his struggle with his father comes to a head.

Book 2 - Through the Shadows
Adam has a hard time with his father still disapproving of his love, he is torn apart by his loyalty to the Ponderosa and his desire to live his own life, be his own man. When a devilish plan leads him into a vicious trap, he goes through a hell of pain and despair, through an ordeal that threatens to break his spirit and jeopardizes his future with the woman he loves.

Book 3 - Spreading Wings
Adam has overcome the ordeal that nearly broke him and now sets out to find the woman he loves - and then try to set things straight with his father. A flock of sheep gets in the way and sparks off a bitter power struggle between father and son. Adam won't give in anymore, and Ben cannot accept that his son isn't a boy any longer. And in the background, Adam's unknown foe is pulling some strings of his own.

p.s. English is not my native language, but I hope the stories are well readable, nonetheless.

Categories: Action, Drama, Romance Characters: Adam Cartwright
Open: Closed