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DES Forum Rules


Pernell Roberts: Desideratum (DES) is a place for fans, family, and friends of Pernell Roberts to come and share in their admiration for the late actor, singer, and humanitarian.

To help maintain camaraderie and harmony at Desideratum (DES) we have instituted a few rules and guidelines.

1. Unless otherwise stated, and as the saying goes in Vegas...  What's posted in Desideratum, stays in Desideratum. Basically I'm stating that it would be appreciated if before anything is used that is posted here such as pictures, submissions, videos, etc., that one first ask for permission for use of these items outside of the forum/site from the original submitter, which includes the Moderators, Admins, and Site Owner, even for personal use.  Though DES is a small forum/site, we have much to offer. Many of us have spent more money and time than you can imagine to make this possible. We appreciate it when what we share here at DES is also genuinely appreciated by its members, and hopefully not seen as just a source of information to be used elsewhere.

2.  If submitting or using copyrighted material, please give credit where due.

3.  Linking images from other sites such as Photobucket and sites similar is perfectly all right here at DES. These sites have been set up for that purpose. However we ask that you not link from other forums, sites, etc. where the image is specifically associated/store with that site. Linking to them uses their bandwidth, and it's sort of considered as stealing. If you have an image that you have found somewhere else and would like to use it here, but do not have it stored at a photo site such as Photobucket, you can UPLOAD the image(s) to the DES galleries and then link it to your post from there.

4.  If one has an issue or concern that needs to be brought to my attention, please send your concern to me, KEM, or either an Admin or Moderator in a PM (Private Message) and we will look into the matter further and decide on what action(s), if any, need to be taken.  

5.  We are all adults.  However, it still is to be understood that we be tactful in our statements and respectful of each others' views, opinions, and ideas without any disharmony.  Discussions are fine.  But please, no personal attacks on members, admins, moderators, and/or topics of discussion.  If we feel that anyone is being blatantly argumentative and antagonistic, we will deal with them accordingly, which may include the loss of private messaging (PM) privileges and/or forum/site privileges.

6.  All posts are to be tactful, tasteful, and respectful to Pernell Roberts and Tom Selleck, their family, and their friends.  Since many do not know them personally, it would be appreciated that any slanderous and/or defamatory comments be kept off forum.  Especially, since family members and friends do visit this site. 

7.  Please be advised that this forum is for everyone's enjoyment and not just any one person's in particular, therefore it would be appreciated that no one monopolize this forum for their own personal benefit.  Remember, this forum is mainly a tribute to Pernell Roberts, and Tom Selleck, and their career achievements, and any discussions related to them.  

8.  Access to the Gallery: To help promote activity here at Desideratum, we are asking that you have posted at least 17 times on the forum, participated on the forum, before we grant you access to the gallery.  We believe the gallery is a feature that should be appreciated by those who also appreciate the rest of the site.  We'd love to get to know you.  And, you may just realize that you enjoy ALL that we have to offer here at the Desideratum. Once you have reached at least 17 posts, please post your request for access to the gallery here: How To: Accessing the Desideratum Gallery Also please be aware that accessing the gallery is a privilege that we can grant at our discretion. It is not a right just because you have made the minimum 17 posts. If you have concerns about your access, contact us directly via PM and NOT on the forum, otherwise we definitely will NOT grant you access, if we have not done so already. We take several factors into consideration when granting access to the gallery, thus access is not immediate.

9.  No extreme profanity nor explicit sexual overtones in topic discussions. For fan fiction purposes, see the Fan Fiction Library guidelines page for ratings categories and descriptions of what is allowed.

10.  We ask that only active members who have their names listed on the birthday calendar at the bottom of the forum homepage be wished a happy birthday. 

11.  When admins/moderators participate in a forum discussion, that does not mean that we are in any way moderating a thread. It is plain and simple participation. If we are to moderate a thread, it will be indicated as such. Admins/Moderators should not feel that they can't participate in any discussions. Maybe at other sites it is normal for admins/mods not to participate in forum discussions, but that is not the case here. Just as members are free to participate, admins/moderators should be able to do so as well. And as members are free to voice their thoughts and opinions, admins/moderators should be allowed that freedom too, no matter whether their opinions are agreed with or not. As admins/moderators, we would appreciate that same courtesy.

12.  We ask that you privately communicate with the forum Admins/Moderators. We also prefer that members simply accept an admin/moderator decision and move on. However, if you would like to discuss a moderator decision you must do so privately, either through private messaging, email or the 'report this post' button [!]. DO NOT post publicly dissatisfaction for an admin/moderator decision nor post publicly asking for an explanation of moderator decisions. You MUST contact them privately. Any member who posts a grievance and bashes DES publicly will lose their private messaging privileges and/or forum privileges.

13.  To contact the forum admins outside of the forum (non PM):


14. Click here for proper use of prdesideratum email account

These are the basic forum rules for now.  However, we do reserve the right to update them as needed.


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