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 Post subject: Bonanza Episode Guide: The Adam Years: Season 5
PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 8:46 am 
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BONANZA: The Adam Years: Season Five.

Episode 1: She Walks In Beauty (September 22, 1963)


This episode deals with Hoss falling in love, and although Adam doesn't appear until nearly half way through he is an integral part of it.

The whole family appear.


Hoss falls in love with Regan Miller, a woman from San Francisco, and asks her to marry him. The problem is that Hoss does not know her less than savoury background with men.

Having turned up on her sister's doorstep, Regan is a transformed woman - outwardly. When Adam returns from a business trip in San Francisco and is introduced to Regan, it becomes obvious he knows more of her reputation than his brother does.

Adam goes to the Miller house to advise Regan's sister on some business and meets with Regan there. He lets her know he heard about her reputation in San Francisco, but that he hasn't told his brother. He tries to warn Regan off from his brother. There is a scene where Regan kisses Adam, and Hoss sees it and assumes the worst - that Adam is muscling in on his woman - whereas Adam is merely proving she is still the woman she was in San Francisco.

On arriving back at the ranch Hoss fights Adam. After the fight we don't see Adam again until the end. It is intimated that Adam explains why they fought to Ben, and what the true reputation of Regan is. While dancing with Regan Hoss explains he saw what happened between her and Adam, she excuses it by saying she couldn't stop it. Hoss assumes she means Adam kissing her. Later Ben talks with Regan and tells her some home truths about who she really is, she eventually admits the truth to Hoss and that she doesn't love him in the way he would need. And so she leaves.

Notable Adam Moments:

We see Adam come down the stairs, dressed for company, and watch how he slowly takes on board who Miss Miller is. Later he stands next to Hoss to watch the ladies leave, and we see Hoss on cloud nine while Adam is restrained with his feelings - but Adam being Adam he says nothing of his thoughts to Hoss.

Adam and Regan stand beneath a tree in her sisters garden, and she tells him she is a changed woman and loves his brother. Adam questions this, and is proved right when Regan kisses him. After he tells her that she has not changed she slaps him. It is a hard slap and Adam remains looking away from her for some time, then slowly leaves.

On arriving home Adam is told by Hop Sing that Hoss is waiting to see him. Adam enters the bunk house and asks what Hoss wants. Hoss then confronts Adam about where he has been.
Here we get the lines:

"Where ya been?"

"You know where I've been. I've been over the Miller house to see Miss Amelia."

"Miss Regan, you seen her too didn't ya? Didn't ya?"

"You asking me, or telling me?"

"I'm telling you."

At this point Hoss punches Adam, and then proceeds to punch him again and bodily throw him across the room. We do not see Adam land a single punch. The camera cuts to Hoss throwing Adam once more, who then spirals across the room into Ben and Joe as they enter the room.

Hoss leaves and Ben questions Adam why he was fighting Hoss. As Adam wipes his bloody face he announces that he wasn't fighting him, with the emphasis on the 'him', confirming that it was a one-sided fight.

The final scene is where Hoss watches Regan leave, and then Adam appears beside him to watch with him, uttering the line "Well there goes one we'll never forget." Hoss makes his peace with his brother by the simple gesture of placing a hand on Adam's shoulder as they walk down the middle of the street.

Enjoy the little things in life


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