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 Post subject: Birthday Bonanza View-a-Thon
PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2016 1:33 am 
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It's PR's Birthday this month, and Des is having a party.
What better way to start off this celebration than to have a Bonanza View-a-thon?!

:frolic :balloons :HB :balloons :frolic

Bonanza View-a-Thon

I'm going to post a link to 12 episodes through the month of May, and invite everyone to come along and have a watch and then :groupchat about each episode. You don't have to stop talking about each episode just because we've moved on to the next. As each episode is posted, feel free to chat about anything relating to them as and when you want.
(I told you I'd keep you all busy :winky)

I've added in a link to the appropriate season, from our own Adam Episode Guide, and copied the synopsis from that guide for each episode in the view-a-thon. The part under the spoiler tells you more about the episode and lists notable Adam scenes to look out for.
My thanks to everyone who helped put together the Des Adam Episode Guide - it's a great way to check up on the episodes PR appeared in, so if you want to find a particular episode simply go take a look - it's in the Pernell Roberts: Bonanza area. :grinny

Have fun discussing each episode, and let's get things rolling with our episode for today.

1. The Saga of Annie O'Toole
Synopsis taken from our episode guide, which can be found here:
Bonanza Episode Guide: The Adam Years: Season 1

Thanks to Starlite for this one.

Episode 7: The Saga of Annie O’Toole (October 24, 1959)


This episode is a comedic tale centered around a strong-willed woman’s determination to remain in a rowdy mining camp and Adam’s misguided gallant efforts to help her on her way back to the safety and civility of San Francisco.


Ben and his sons are drawn into the mining claims disputes of the Washoe diggings, which as the show begins are handled by brawling. In an effort to civilize disagreements for more productive resolutions, Ben Cartwright proposes a miner’s court and thereby finds himself as the presiding judge. Into the middle of the melee, Annie O’Toole drives a wagon loaded down with a stove and a dead “himself” into the crowd. The ever gallant eldest Cartwright son steps forward to help the grieving woman and in the process determines that besides being bereft, she is penniless, possesses a claim which she has no intention of relinquishing and considers him a Sniverblot. In a moment of inspiration, encouraged by his brother’s appreciation of Annie’s cooking, Adam establishes and becomes Annie’s reluctant and albeit silent partner in her tent restaurant, where he hopes Annie can raise enough money to be able to return to San Francisco. Unfortunately, before this can happen, a shady character (who bears a striking resemblance to Snidely Whiplash) from her father’s past appears with an assertion of ownership to Annie’s claim, with all finally being resolved in miner’s court.

Features a voice-over narration by Adam.
The episode is also where Adam shows his prowess as an attorney.
Also there is a great scene between Adam and Little Joe where Little Joe throws an axe to Adam who easily catches it with his left hand before deftly returning it with the same hand, only to have Little Joe bobble it and have to use both hands to catch it.
There are also two fight scenes.
Primarily an Adam episode, with Pa, Hoss & Little Joe in smaller supporting roles.

Enjoy the little things in life


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