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 Post subject: 2017 Birthday Bonanza View-a-Thon
PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 1:15 am 
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It's PR's Birthday and so Des is having a party by having some mini View-a-thons.

This one is for Bonanza. I've added in a link to the appropriate season from our own Adam Episode Guide, and copied the synopsis from that guide for each episode in the view-a-thon. The part under the spoiler tells you more about the episode and lists notable Adam scenes to look out for. I've then linked to the episode found on Youtube. :whisper If these links don't work for you, I'm hoping you have them available on DVD. :wink

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Bonanza View-a-Thon

Thanks to Starlite for this synopsis taken from our episode guide, which can be found here:
Bonanza Episode Guide: The Adam Years: Season 1

Episode 12: The Hanging Posse (November 28, 1959)


This episode focuses on the relationship between the oldest and youngest Cartwright brothers while participating as members of a posse.

Mainly an Adam and Little Joe tale with a scene at the beginning with Ben and Hoss.


Adam and Little Joe Cartwright join a posse to hunt down three men who are believed to be responsible for the brutal murder of a neighbor’s wife and good friend. Along the way, they have to contend with the moral implications of either taking a stand against old family friends or defending a murderer when the posse decides to take the law into their own hands.

Episode that shows Adam’s deep moral convictions.
Great scene with Adam being awaken by Joe from a deep sleep.
Adam gets clobbered over the head.

Thanks to Pioneerwoman for this synopsis taken from our episode guide, which can be found here:
Bonanza Episode Guide: The Adam Years: Season 3

Episode 6: Broken Ballad (October 29, 1961)


When notorious gunfighter, Ed Payson (played by Robert Culp), returns to Virginia City, in hopes to settle down to a normal life on the land he inherited from his father, he is met with great resistance. Adam is the one who comes to his aid.

This is an Adam episode, but all the other Cartwrights are featured.


While in town buying supplies, Adam inadvertently witnesses a scene between Ed Payson and the storekeeper, Will Cass, whose son he killed years ago. Adam’s sense of right and wrong embroil him in the drama that unfolds when this man tries to put down roots and have a normal life. Matters are further complicated by an ill-fated romance that develops between Payson and Cass’ young daughter, Sally. Sally already has a suitor in Billy Buckley, who soon sets out on a personal vendetta against Payson. As Adam’s friendship develops with Payson he becomes more and more entangled in the equation.

Notable Adam Moments:

Adam’s first scene has him with dusty clothes and sleeves rolled up, silently observing the confrontation that plays out in the store. When he gets involved, he makes his lines count.

Buying supplies he intends to take to Payson, his irritation at the storekeeper is clear as he threatens to take away the business of the Ponderosa.

He delivers the supplies to Payson, driving the buckboard, then plays with his hat and shoves a coin deep in his pocket. Lots of good expressions here.

In a scene where Pa confronts Adam about his threat to Cass, there’s a hand to the hair, lots of good expressions with his eyes and brows, a pinch to the bridge of his nose, sitting on the arm of the settee, and then tossing his gun belt on the red chair as they all go to eat.

In a scene between Adam and Hoss, he has changed to his black pin-striped pants and is donning his tan jacket. As he leaves, there is a great gesture of him pressing his knuckles into Hoss’ shoulder.

As Adam watches and listens to Ed singing in the night, he remains at a distance and he contemplates it all respectfully, leaning against a tree.

Adam goes to help Ed repair his house and his sleeves are rolled up to his biceps, he spits water, leans on the wagon, nonchalantly lifts himself to sit on the wagon as they talk, then hops back down just as easily, going to climb up the wheel to return to work.

Adam goes to town to apologize to Cass and while there finds out about a lien on Ed’s land. As he attends to it, there are some great lines and a lot of walking in and out of buildings, filled with great looks of determination and annoyance.

In the scene where he gives Ed the receipt on the lien he just paid off, there are a lot of dimples, great expressions with his eyes, a little deeper V in the neck of his shirt than usual, and sincere contemplation as Ed asks him to keep his gun as collateral for what he considers a loan.

The scene where he shows the gun to Ben includes wonderful use of his hands and brows.

After checking into a cattle deal for Ed, Adam rides up to find him with Sally. There’s a great dismount, some lovely dimples and grins as he plays with his hat, then he inhales deeply when Ed realizes his biscuits are burning. He gently guides Sally inside and as she goes to help with the biscuits, he is silently in the background, stealing the scene with his hands on his hips, and lovely leans.

There is a wonderful scene with the three of them singing, where PR seems to be having a lot of fun. He winks and sings with a big smile on his face. Then as Sally is leaving, he stands in the background, picking around on the guitar, again stealing the scene. After she kisses Ed’s cheek and leaves, Adam tosses him the guitar and has a great reply to Ed’s confusion over what just happened.

Adam and Ed go to town for Saturday night and he is in his black pin-striped pants again, this time with a white shirt and tie and black jacket. Lots of dimples and grins, followed by a good lean in the bar drinking beer, then a confrontation in the street with Billy Buckley.

Back home with Ed, Adam has shed his tie and jacket and rolled up the sleeves on his white shirt. When Billy arrives for a showdown with Ed, there are some wonderful expressions as he tries to reason with Ed and glares at Billy.

The final scene at the graveside has Adam in all black again, playing Ed’s guitar and singing the ballad Ed sang earlier.

Now you've watched the episodes feel free to :groupchat away.

Enjoy the little things in life


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